“Whatever your situation requires, you deserve a professional private investigator who has the knowledge, resources, experience, and effective relationships to achieve the desired outcome.”

Chris spent most of his 32-year law enforcement career as a lead criminal investigator or supervising complex criminal investigations. His command of the Internal Affairs Bureau, Robbery Section, Sexual Assault, Counter Terrorism Section, Gangs/Vice Bureau, Narcotics Section, and the Criminal Intelligence Section demonstrates his diverse investigative background. His on-the-ground participation in covert investigations for high-profile homicides, robberies, fraud, political corruption, violent extremism, and management of aggressive behavior combined with his leadership positions culminate a unique perspective and reliable foundation for private investigative work.

In 2017, shortly after the 1 October massacre, Chris was appointed by Sheriff Lombardo Lombardo to Chief of Detectives. Chris implemented the successful Major Case Protocol – a fresh and innovative way to assign resources ensuring investigations were conducted on a 24/7 basis The new case protocol created a sense of urgency and increased accountability within the department. Chris’ Major Case Protocol significantly boosted criminal apprehensions, which correlated with a 96-percent increase in the case clearance rate for murders.

Chris has decades of experience in confidential investigations, resolving issues, building professional networks, and developing effective relationships that will be incredibly valuable to his clients.

I have had the opportunity to know and work with Chris for many years, most recently when Chris was
appointed Undersheriff of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. I have always been
impressed by his responsiveness to the needs of the criminal justice community and his vast experience
with criminal investigations. Chris would be an asset to anyone seeking an expert witness for their case.

– Steve Wolfson, Clark County District Attorney

I have found Undersheriff Chris Darcy to be very responsive and fair. Undersheriff Darcy will go above and beyond to understand and address critical issues in law enforcement pertaining to use of force! Undersheriff Darcy works to ensure law enforcement protects and serves ALL of its citizens!

– Roxann McCoy, President NAACP Las Vegas

I have known Chris Darcy for over 10 years. Chris is smart, prepared, and articulate. He has the ability to translate “cop speak” in a manner that is easy for a layperson to understand. Most importantly, Chris has professional integrity and works toward improving problems rather than justifying or covering them up. He is an out-of-the-box thinker who presents creative solutions to difficult problems. Chris is thoughtful, diligent, and honest. He has the ability to explain and translate complex policing issues into an understandable format. I recommend Chris as an expert witness without reservation.

– Craig R. Anderson, Esq., Marquis Aurbach Chtd.

As CEO and owner of over a dozen successful businesses in several states, I recently encountered real estate fraud with my personal holdings in Las Vegas. This fraud has the potential of causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses to my family. I contacted Chris Darcy for assistance, and he knew exactly who to call to help resolve my issue. Chris took the time to help me when I needed help the most. He was available 24 hours a day and followed up daily until my case was solved and my money was safe. I cannot thank him enough for his knowledge, compassion, and fortitude.

– Candace Easdale, CEO/Owner of LSI Companies

I have had the pleasure of working with Chris for over a decade during his tenure with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Chris is always well-prepared when I needed him to testify or discuss cases, policies and complicated issues. As a trial attorney, it is refreshing to be able to present a witness who understands the issues and provides credible testimony. Chris always offers a fresh perspective on issues and is not afraid to ask questions to gain a better understanding of the issue or provide a new approach to a problem.

– Nick Crosby, Esq., Marquis Aurbach Chtd.

Chris has over thirty years of law enforcement experience which he will draw from to help provide insight and guidance in any police practice case. He has an immediate grasp of the scope of police procedure issues and will quickly identify potential case complications. Chris has testified for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in numerous legal proceedings, including depositions and during trial, in both state and federal court. I have observed Chris use his experience and knowledge in critical cases. I highly recommend Chris to anyone who values an expert who will distill complex information into easy-to-understand concepts that will provide value to your case.

– Ruth Miller, Esq., Assistant General Council, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department




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